Foodie wall memories….

It seemed fitting in a modern apartment to be surrounded by modern art- my modern art! My dining room wall displayed brightly coloured frames showing off my wonderful cakes and bakes. Well what more does a person want when they are sitting at my dining room table? Actual cake, I hear you say… Hmmm…


In all seriousness, I miss my wall. Each and every frame holds a memory of a birthday or special occasion. On that given day, I made someone smile with a humble  piece of cake. Yet all those frames and delightful photos seem a little out of place at The Glen House; gone is the modern, fast paced, bright, in-your-face way of doing things. Instead I must adapt to a  calmer, let’s skip-along-the-garden-path way of life with a slightly more rustic style. Me? Calmer?! Only time will tell I suppose?

For now, I’ve surrounded myself with all my cookery books and a few photos….


Melissa xx


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