We’re In!

WANTED: a house, with a couple of bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen and some outside space.

The usual websites had houses and bungalows in several different counties, of all sorts of shapes and sizes, one even had a helicopter pad! We were being extremely picky about the ones bothered to view in person, but they didn’t feel right, they just weren’t us. So when we came across this amazing place I thought I was dreaming? Set in woodland, in front of a river, with a stream running by the side of the house, it was stunning. I couldn’t get the place out of my head. I hadn’t even stepped inside and yet I was dreaming of cosy fires in the winter and cooking grand Sunday lunches in the Rayburn. That was it, I was on a mission to make it ours, we had to have it!

So nearly month ago, after two months of waiting and fearing we’d lost, we were handed the keys to The Glen House.

It's Ours!

It’s Ours!

Now, I won’t lie, there was a down side…. Moving into The Glen House, meant packing up the old place. How can the contents of one small tidy two bed apartment lead to so many boxes? For a girl I don’t own that many shoes or clothes, but it turns out that I do own a rather unhealthy amount of baking equipment and cookery books. I started packing in a very organised manner, using lots of markers and labels and sticky tape (that soon went out the window). Box after box and trip after trip was not fun. I AM NEVER MOVING EVER AGAIN, there, I’ve said it. But then again, why would I ever want to?

Melissa xx


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