Copious amounts of fresh air and water….

Normally I would go about my daily business not noticing what I’m breathing in, why would I? But here at The Glen House there is sweet-smelling fresh air all around, I want to take the time to breathe it in.

So I put these bad boys on…


It’s not a bad way to clear the cobwebs away, wandering around the crisp grass, up and down the lane. Surrounded by huge overwhelming trees that have been living here much longer then you and I. Listening to crazy tweeting birds and the water rushing by, gushing down the side of the house….


And pushing down stream in the river… It’s magical watching the river rise day by day, moving faster and faster.

River and Bench

As Leonardo da Vinci said “Water is the driving force of all nature”, and now I’m surrounded by it!

Melissa xx

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