Garden grown apples

In the far corner of The Glen House garden stands a tiny apple tree. It couldn’t have been growing there for many years, but wow does it pack a punch!


It was covered in gorgeous, juicy sweet-but-tart fruit.


So we waited and waited, dreaming of all the yummy things we could make and bake…. Until it was time to pick them. Bags of them!


So we’ve had savoury dishes….


Like pork chops with apples; the recipe goes something like, bung whatever veg you have in a roasting tin with some thick cut pork chops and apples and a few pears and whack it in the Rayburn! Then we had apple pies with fresh
nutmeg and cinnamon. Easy to make and even easier to eat!


So for a first day with the apples we ate very well! The rest have been cleaned, cut, bagged and frozen.

Two weeks on….

And I’ve taken out 450g of frozen apples, lined a dish with them, adding flour, brown sugar, butter, an egg and milk to make a kind of apple spongy thing. A little like an apple brown betty or apple charlotte but not as cakey….


Half an hour in the Rayburn and ta-da! Tasty indeed!

Melissa xx

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