Bits and bobs on the landing…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll wake up every once in a while and decide to move bits and bobs around! Whether you just fancy a change or whether you think, blimey did I buy that, items come and go. So I decided I’d try to keep track of all the moving and shaking of all the bits and bobs that I currently love in The Glen House!


This is the landing….. Its flooded with light from two high windows. It has a fantastic dark wooded floor (not so fantastic when I have to mop it) and gorgeous stone white walls.


All the windows in the house are beautiful, they are all individual. I wanted them to be pieces of interest in themselves, so I didn’t want to over fill them. This top window has a lovely little jar that came with the house, and a table lamp for a soft glow for the dark winter evenings.


The middle window currently displays some autumn themed bits and bobs that match what is going on outside the window. The picture and jar were more of the wonderful items found when we moved in!


This was the first piece we bought when we moved in…. I think it speaks for itself, and it hangs proudly in the middle of the landing.


Then we come to my favourite part of the whole house! As you walk back downstairs on the landing, this quirky shelf-meets-ceiling area greets you. It’s just gorgeous!


So it currently holds some special pieces, and some sparkly twigs for a little brightness.


The Glen House is full of these beautiful little features that must be handled with tender loving care. I only hope I can enhance what is here….

Melissa xx

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