The Pantry!

Today is our two month anniversary in the house! Where did the time go? The Glen House certainly feels like home, but there was something missing. The pantry was almost empty….


I decided to use one of the window cills in the pantry itself for some of the baking bits uses. So with a lot of love and the help of pretty containers and ribbon, it’s now filling up.


All the different sugars are housed in tall jars, powders and the like in the larger tins. And just to add some sparkle, the area is finished off with a funky lava lamp.


Colourful sprinkles and cake cases sit in gorgeous glass jars and nuts areΒ  placed in old jam jars.

A cupcake print and some photos hang on the walls…



Inspiring indeed!!

Oh, and don’t worry… There’s plenty more food in the pantry, I don’t live on cake…. Promise!!

Melissa xx

10 thoughts on “The Pantry!

  1. What a cute setup! I’ve been living in my condo for a little over two months..I definitely still need to work on organizing my kitchen items (along with the rest of the home…) Placing all the small items in jars is a great idea–I need to start keeping an eye out for glass jars!


  2. The pictures just make it look like such a loved home it is hard to believe it is still so new. Lovely that you are enjoying it so much πŸ™‚


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