The wood burning stove…

Fact: It’s cold in Ireland in the winter….

So with the nights getting darker, earlier, and the temperature dropping by the day, it’s wonderful to have a wood burning stove to keep me warm and cosy in The Glen House. 20130923_112229

This huge monster of a stove sits at the heart of the living room. This is the focal point, not some humongous television. I think that’s the right way to be in such as beautiful house. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be lost with broadband, but technology will never take over this magnificent house. 20131115_110325

Anyway, back to the stove…. The Glen House is lucky enough to be surrounded by trees, so when the branches fall we have (almost) instant fuel. The larger logs seem to have been magically cut to size by the time I need them!! The stove is using about a basket and a half a night which is seems like loads of wood, but for the incredible heat it gives off, it’s worth it.

20130930_190519The wood burning stove is adorned with these beautiful Moroccan inspired lanterns; the sparkly pattern that glows from them is absolutely spell binding! Above the lanterns sits a thick cut wooden fire-place, it has the same rustic charm as The Glen House itself. This currently holds an assortment of photos and candles… I say currently, because it’ll change depending on my mood!

20130930_190556The stove creates a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful light,  perfect for a cuppa or a quiet night in. It’s so calming to just sit and relax, watching and listening to the fire crackle….

20131109_165851I should point out that no trees have been harmed in the making of this post!!

Melissa xx

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