Advent Calendar Day 1 #recipe


I decided that I couldn’t (or maybe shouldn’t) have a chocolate advent calendar in The Glen House, so instead I would attempt to create a bloggy version. I have been inspired by my cousin Charlene’s blog theadventuresofcharbar; during November she participated in NaBloPoMo and every day without fail she posted to her blog on everything from her famous hot chocolate to our wonderful Grandparents. Oh and did I mention she was finishing her thesis for her Maters Degree at the time?! Over the next 24 days I’ll attempt to blog about the preparations for my first Christmas in The Glen House….

Just as I was winding myself up into a frenzy last year, a friend gave me a great ‘cheat’ dessert idea. It’s much lighter after a meal at this time of year than a Christmas pudding or trifle, and very quick and easy. You can also use what ever you have in the cupboard, it’s very adaptable. (Sorry about the bad photos).


Yummy Ice cream block thing!

1 tub of your favourite ice cream

1 small sponge (or a couple of chocolate muffins)

1  punnet of raspberries (or strawberries or a tin of peaches)

2/3 Crunchie bars (or whatever you fancy)

Icing sugar


Line a loaf tin (the size will depend on how big you want it) with clingfilm, leaving it hanging over the sides of the tin so that it will cover the top when it goes into the freezer. Then chuck in an assortment of all the goodies, bits of crumbled-up cake, then some ice cream, then fruit, then ice cream, then chocolate and so on and so forth until the tin is packed. Make sure you press down and really pack it all in. Cover the top with clingflim and bung it in the freezer. It really is as easy as that! I served mine with some raspberry coulis, which I made by pressing some raspberries through a sieve and mixing with a little icing sugar. I’m sure chocolate sauce would be good too!


So that’s day 1, a nostalgic look back on last year…

Melissa xx


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