Advent Calendar Day 3

Tag_3It’s Tuesday, it’s my day off, so guess what I’m going to do…

20131203_145601Sit back on the sofa with a cuppa  (and a mince pie) and read some Christmas cookery books and magazines! I love flicking through these books, I get so hungry dreaming about turkey, roast potatoes and ham… Every year someone somewhere has a new idea about how to cook Christmas dinner.

20131129_170154 What are you reading?
Melissa xx


5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 3

    • I’ve been doing that today too, it’s so inspiring reading what other’s have been discovering! We’re having fish pie… It’s that sort of evening (and we have a great fishmonger)!


  1. Ohh! I can’t wait for my Christmas do! I’ve been doing it every December since I moved to Madrid. It’s the only time of the year I get Delia’s “Happy Christmas” cookbook out. I got it in a secret santa. We played a game where we each had to open a Christmas present. If we liked it, we could keep it. If we liked someone else’s present, we could steal it. It was a close tie between Jamie Oliver and Delia (everyone wanted Delia), but I finally was lucky enough to get it. Best secret santa EVER!
    Loving the blog Melissa. Take a peek at mine (anglogalaica). I haven’t written in a while, but you’ve inspired me!
    Lots of love, Ana


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