Advent Calendar Day 4


The Christmas decorating has begun!! Last night after a fantastic fish pie and a gorgeous glass of wine I set about looking through the decorations that we already had, which I wanted to do before we started gathering new decorations for The Glen House.

We had already put out these cute little wooden reindeer above the Rayburn. They remind us of the deer that live ‘around’ here; once in a while they stroll past the bottom of the garden, between the house and the river.

The wooden theme continues with a gorgeous wooden twig heart above the reindeer and some coloured wooden Christmas ornaments below.

They hang along side some cute little lantern t-light holders.


So that’s the start of the Christmas decorating, there’s an awful lot more to be done!!

 Melissa xx


2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 4

  1. I like your virtual advent calendar, Melissa! I am going to use this idea next year. 🙂 I am going to trim the tree this weekend and your little reindeers are putting me in a cheery mood to decorate. Have a lovely day!


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