Advent Calendar Day 8


Galway was stunning! Between all the feasting that went on last night, I managed to find some inspiration for The Glen House.

This arrangement was hung above our table at dinner. Set into a window with shutters (just like the windows at home), the fairy lights were intertwined with twigs, baubles and stars. Simple, but beautiful.

Even in the pub I saw a cute decoration of baubles and pomegranates, (not onions!!!) hung off a light beside the fireplace.

I loved the simple way this fireplace was decorated with reds and golds, it caught my eye at breakfast.

Back at the Christmas market today, the stalls smelt and looked fabulous…. Burgers and German sausage stalls were nestled between festive stalls selling mulled wine.

There were all sorts of cakes, pretzels and tarts as well as meringues and macaroons!

I bought some pistachio and cinnamon meringues, really looking forward to them!

There were sweetie stalls with children begging exhausted parents for this and that… For the parents there was an assortment of turkish delight.

Strange flavours such as banana and apple were piled high.

So, full of ideas and with a full belly I’m off back to The Glen House.
Melissa xx


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