Advent Calendar Day 18


I still have the flu, I’m still bed bound and I still hate it! However I decided that between feeling sorry for myself and sleeping and feeling sorry for myself some more that I ought to do something about it…. The ‘something’ couldn’t use too much energy or take to long, because I’m just not able.

I’ll be stuck in this room for at least another few days, so I decided that Christmas ought to come to me because I certainly aint going to it!

In between sleeps (yes I’m getting lots of rest and drinking lots of fluids) I’ve had a go at decorating the bedroom. Everything was small and manageable; silver and white baubles and silver twigs in a vase now sit in the window. While two little owls watch over me.

Right next to the bed on my little chair sits a beautiful silver and white sparkly twig themed cushion.



A beautiful silver deer candle plate (and more silver and white baubles) now sit in the second window.

And a little white tree with lots more silver and white baubles sits on top of the chest of drawers.

All very simple and easy. Did it make me feel any better? Hell no! But at least Christmas has arrived in the bedroom. I’m off back to sleep….

Melissa xx


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