The car and the ‘hedges’….

I’ve been so unorganised since coming back from Goa, I can’t quite fit everything in! The heat and the bright colour in India seems a world away from the dull, wet, freezing Ireland. However I do have wonderful memories to keep me warm…..

Anyway getting back to dreary Ireland….. On Sunday morning I was heading to work when I suddenly come across a new hedge planted across the lane.. DOH! Wake up Melissa, stop driving, it’s a fallen tree! The high winds and pounding rain had certainly done some damage.

Luckily there was an alternative route I could take to work, and away I went.

However, late last night having turned down the lane to The Glen House and just moments away from home, the car lights shone on yet another ‘hedge’. Getting out to have a little look, it was obvious there was no way I was getting passed, because immediately to the side of the narrow lane is the river! I abandoned the car in a little safe spot and grabbed my torch. I was beginning to wish I was back living in the city surrounded by bright street lights (that thought soon past). Luckily I knew of another way to get to the house on foot and I was soon home safe.

In the fresh light of a new day, the tree looked so gentle and misleadingly small! It would turn out to be anything but…. And with ground so soft and damp after all the rain it was time for me to stay well back.

Standing there, looking at this fallen tree covered in vines and ivy, it was so pretty!



Branch by branch the chainsaw cut away at the tree and the mountain of fire wood began to grow. The tree must have been dead, as the wood was brittle and dry.

So, a couple of hours on and ta-da!!! It’s burning away quite nicely….

It’s amazing what nature can do.

Melissa xx

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