The start of the Spring Clean!

Happy February 1st! Ok, let’s be honest it’s frickin’ horrible outside. There’s rain, gale force winds, more rain, the dreary lack of light, did I mention the rain? I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, any second now the house is going to be swept up and blown away. Oh and the river is getting nearer and nearer the house as it rises…


On a happier note, January is over, Christmas was ages ago and therefore Spring must be on the way! Time to give the house a freshen up, introduce some new ideas and look forward to some brighter, lighter days ahead.

I bought a large slate heart a few months ago, it hangs above the Rayburn. It’s great to scribble happy messages on! So when I found these mini slate hearts (reduced in the sale) a few weeks ago I had to have them.


I love being able to write little messages in chalk….


Back to the freshen up; the kitchen needs to be sparkly and light, so having these pretty glasses on display help catch the light.


Hidden behind them are these little scallop shells (yes, the scallops happily made it to my belly).


The shutters in front of the kitchen sink have been thrown open to let the light in, and the area dressed with light warm colours.


Tulips in a fabulous Easter yellow add some Spring greenery along side a tagine (thank you for the Christmas present), an old fashion milk urn thingy, a herb board and a cute clock!


All finished off with a twinkly heart….


Roll on the spring!
Melissa xx

14 thoughts on “The start of the Spring Clean!

  1. I love your home and it’s all the way of writing which made me love your home. Been inspiring me again to work out in my home, even me too was like this before, but now with my naughty kids is not at all possible :).


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