Rain and Snow (drops)


As I write this, it’s dry outside! The rain has stopped (for now) and although I’d love it to stay this way, I know it’ll be worse than ever later. More rain and gales are forecast….


It’s a beautiful morning at The Glen House, all fresh and crisp like an autumn morning. The river level has risen, but with the brief pause it the rain brings a calmness.


Even the stream at the side of the house doesn’t seem threatening this morning, as it gushes down the hill. The sound it makes as it pushes on, down to the river is quite something…. Like a constant low roar….


On a brighter note, spring has begun in the garden; snowdrops are beginning to pop up along the side of the house by the stream. They’re beautiful. They bring hope.


Melissa xx

9 thoughts on “Rain and Snow (drops)

  1. Beautiful photos Melissa… they give me hope of warmer days to come! Right now I’m sitting at my desk at work, and I cannot see out the windows, it’s snowing so hard. One of the managers just stopped by and told me that the cars are getting buried in the snow… These photos are the perfect sunshine for my dreary and snowy day… xx


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