Springtime windows

It’s not raining! In fact it’s a beautiful spring day. So inspired by the sun light, I’ve gone about brightening up the windows on the landing in The Glen House.


White tea light lanterns with glass panels sit beside some stunning lemon coloured roses. The light gleams through the panels and the vase, throwing some much-needed light onto the stairs. Nestled in front of the vase are two cute wooden owls.



A beautiful wooden boat sits in the corner window, softly lit by a small table lamp.


Some Hyacinths sit alongside some old ceramic jars, I can’t wait for the smell…. (Rubbish photos must buy camera)!



A wonderful Christmas present sits on the bottom landing window;the carved wooden heart candle holder with a glass vase inside spreads the light both day and night.


Roll on the stretch in the evenings!

Melissa xx

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