Valentine’s Pizza, homemade of course!


St. Valentine’s Day was spent in work, but the evening was a lovely quiet one at The Glen House.


Amongst all the foodie bits that we got each other was this delightful hamper with bubbles, choccies and a monkey!


There was homemade pizza for dinner:


1 freshly made pizza base from Avoca’s food hall
4 tablespoons tomato passata (left over in the fridge)
6 thin slices spicy salami
8 chunky slices of chorizo
1 small packet of mozzarella (50g)
30g grated cheddar
left over onion sticky stuff from the maple pork dinner from the other night
olive oil
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
chives (didn’t have any basil!)


It only took a couple of minutes to crisp up in a hot oven. It was yummy, all washed down with some bubbles and shop bought monkey ice cream for after!


Melissa xx

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Pizza, homemade of course!

  1. I long to find some “leftover onion sticky stuff” … [grin]
    Your carnivores’ pizza look GREAT: but next time I make myself a vego one, I’ll bet I can make one looking as good! πŸ˜€


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