Post number 50….Already?


I can’t believe it, I’ve only been blogging for about four months and THIS is my 50th post! My blog was started so that I could share my adventures in my new home, I never actually thought anyone would read it!


To mark this first big milestone I thought I would share 5 of my favourite posts so far:
NB… The photos in the rest of this post are of pictures and wall hangings around The Glen House.


1) “About”- Well this is me; the photo on this page is one of the first taken at The Glen House…. How time flies though, we were here five months on St. Valentine’s Day!


2) “The Goan Glen House”- one of my favourite places in the world. Goa is amazing! I always leave a part of my heart behind when I come away….


3) “Advent Calendar Day 1”- this is the icecream choccy loaf one. I had decided to blog every day of advent, what a crazy idea but it was great fun!


4) “The wood burning stove”- With the weather in Ireland being so awful, the fire keeps me toasty! Every day it gets lit, so I’m lucky enough to sit and glare at it with a cuppa or a glass of wine!


5) “Happy”- I don’t need to ‘hashtag’ 100 days of happy, I just get on with it! “Because I’m HAPPY


Thank you for reading and thank you for following.

Melissa xx

19 thoughts on “Post number 50….Already?

  1. You make me feel guilty for having posted far too often in my four months, Melissa. Perhaps less would be better … I LOVE that first wall-hanging, by the way; they’re all beautiful, but that one’s special.


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