I am better at cooking Trout than I am at catching them!

I was sitting in Cardiff airport last night (waiting and waiting for smallest plane in the world to take me home) reading a copy of Good Food magazine, drinking a cuppa…

There was a fantastic recipe for ‘Simple herb baked trout’ in it which looked as yummy as my fish dish last week. I completely agree with Barney Desmazery’s article that trout is “a joy to cook with… it is versatile… with a delicate flavour…” You can use it with a splash of lemon, or with more intense flavours of chilli and ginger. It’s inexpensive to buy too.

This all brings me to the excitement of tomorrow! With a new rod in hand, i’ll be wrapped up all warm and cosy out on a practice pond, scaring the life out of the little fish. I need to get a lesson under my belt before the start of the trout fly fishing season because I’m not very good, but I enjoy it! I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of years, especially when the weather has been good. I can’t wait to start fishing on the river in front of The Glen House!


a little trout last year!

Anyway, after dreaming of fishing whilst on the plane, it was nice to get home….


Melissa xx

14 thoughts on “I am better at cooking Trout than I am at catching them!

  1. I don’t think you can beat a fresh brown trout (wild of course, not farmed) pan-fried in butter. So keep practising with the rod and line – what a joy to catch it and cook it within a few hours! Good luck.


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