Shivaay Delights…Sharing Super Blogs!

The wonderful Dimple at Shivaay Delights wrote a lovely piece about me and The Glen House today….

Shivaay Delights


This week I am super excited, meaning I’m more excited than usual lol! I have become an aunt for the second time and saw my little bundle of joy yesterday! You can really forget how small newborn babies are. All other things that seem to matter don’t matter anymore when you’re cuddling this new seedling. Congratulations to my brother and wife. Thank you for another cutie pie!


Now to even more celebration…My Fabulous 4 of the week!

Miss Marzipan…a beautiful and extremely talented cook. She describes herself as “A curious soul + a dash of inspiration, sweetened to taste = the satisfaction of creative DIY!”
“….a sweet-toothed girl (who also loves her veggies!), a grateful mother to a gorgeous toddler and a baby Cupcake (my nickname for her) and a quiet explorer who seeks the creative satisfaction of ‘doing it herself’.

Miss M also not only creates stunning dishes but also…

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3 thoughts on “Shivaay Delights…Sharing Super Blogs!

  1. Yes, it’s nice, Melissa – just a wee bit short. She would pick one of your appallingly wonderful sweet things … Sighh … 😉


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