With all the picturesque photos from outside The Glen House and all the tasty treats from the kitchen, I haven’t shared much of the rest of the house recently.

The bathroom is finished!



I don’t have any before pictures, because it was that bad. The bathroom is a very dark room, the window is small and the trees block both the view and the light from outside. I wanted to keep it the decoration light, fresh and airy (it’s goes without saying that it needed to look clean and STAY clean).


It all started with paint; the walls got a blue hue and even the curtain rod got in on the act. I finished off the newly improved fresh white rod with a lovely set of wooden hearts.


With another splash of leftover paint I attacked a cheap wooden mirror.


I’ve put an elegant Peace lily in the corner of the room, luckily it’s extremely tolerant of abuse and neglect! All it needs is some water and food on a weekly basis. Next to it sits a gorgeous Yankee candle. You can never have enough candles in the bathroom, they give off a beautiful soft glow AND a gorgeous smell.


The walls are filled with some fantastic arty pieces, including this great sign:


Last September we found some stunning pieces in a craft village in Galway including a small dish and print by Geraldine O’Rourke.


Geraldine O’Rourke dish


Geraldine O’Rourke print

The room wouldn’t be complete without matching linens….


And matching toenails!


Melissa xx


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