“Quintet of Radiance” award

The wonderful Nancy from feasting with friends has nominated me for a quintet-of-radiance-award (hark at the title) It’s 5 awards in 1: The Versatile Blogger Award, The Sunshine Award, The Inner Peace Award, The Influential Blogger Award and The Awesome Blog Content [ABC] Award.


Here are award rules to follow:

1) Display the logo in a post
2) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back
3) Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase
4) Nominate bloggers for the award

Nancy was born, raised, and is still living in the suburbs of Detroit, Southeastern Michigan. Her blog “Feasting with Friends” is about her, and her husband Glenn’s love of entertaining. She says she spends days scouring through cookbooks and recipes planning a meal for a feast.

If you haven’t already visited her blog, you should. From cakes and tarts to an array of savory delights, Nancy cooks everything! Check out one of my favourites mediterranean oven roasted potatoes.

My alphabet description goes a bit like this…..
A is for affectionate
B is for brilliant (!)
C is for caring
D is for Dr Doolittle (I got an “Oii” the other day when I called him that in a post)
E is for eating (all the time)
F is for flyfishing
G is for grumpy
H is for happy
I is for Ireland and India
J is for jelly sweets (LOVE THEM)
K is for kind
L is for loving
M is for mangoes (need I say more??)
N is for naughty but nice
O is for organised
P is for proud
Q is for quirky
R is for reluctant
S is for sentimental
T is for tearful (I cry very easily)
U is for undecided (I’m terrible at picking what to eat in restaurants)
V is for vibrant
W is for warm hearted
X is for xylophone (ha ha… believe that and you’ll believe anything)
Y is for yummmmmmmy
Z is for zzzzz (I love my sleep)

I’m passing on this crazy 5-in-1 award on to one very special lady. She’s awesome.  She’s inspiring.  She’s a blogger that I’m sure none of you are following, SO GO VISIT HER! May I present……..


My cousin Charlene at the adventures of charbar. From her posts about studying abroad to her more recent vegan week she never fails to make me stop and think (and smile).

Have fun reading,


Melissa xx

Remember you can now follow me on Twitter @the_glen_house


6 thoughts on ““Quintet of Radiance” award

  1. Congratulations again, Melissa! Obviously your “P” is not for procrastinate, as you’ve managed a speedy acceptance. 🙂 Love your A-Z…I can visualize you sitting in Ireland, eating mangoes while reluctantly organizing the Glen House before heading to the local pub… where you will undoubtedly become tearful as you will be so undecided as to what to order. Upon return home, perhaps you’ll indulge in a jelly sweet before getting some zzz’s. 😉 {LOL, sorry…I couldn’t resist!]
    Thank you for the kind words! I’m heading over to meet your cousin Charlene. 🙂


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