Bed & Breakfast broiche

I got lots of little bits completed around the house in June. The bedroom got its finishing touches and one Sunday morning I made a deliciously simple breakfast, hence the dodgy title to this post!


For the bedroom, I found neutral, simple curtains and beautiful matching bedding. Warm golds and blackcurrant give a hint of warmth to this otherwise white room. Little candles and pictures blend in amongst the necessities like the radio.


I painted the curtain rails and rings white, so that the pattern and colour of the curtains pop out.


The large window cills have been left empty to let the light flood in, with the exception of a simple frame in one and a candle holder in the other.

The simple white bedside tables match the simple cottage style bed.


Finally, the chest of drawers that is nestled in the corner alcove is dressed with family photos and a very special jewellery box. All these little trinkets make this calm, serene room very special.


The breakfast part of my title today comes from this delightful make:

Strawberry breakfast broiche
Take a couple of small broiche rolls and slice in half.


Wash and cut up some strawberries.

Pan fry the broiche in a little butter over a medium heat until golden brown.


Pile the strawberries onto the toasted broiche and serve with vanilla or natural yogurt.

Now, I’d love to invite you to stay for b&b, but if I did that I’d have no where to sleep!

Melissa xx

12 thoughts on “Bed & Breakfast broiche

  1. I have that bed and table as well! I haven’t done such a good job on the soft furnishings and the painting, though. Well done, you! I don’t know how you fit it all in.


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