Chocolate and cherries

I needed cake…. No, ok I didn’t need it, I just fancied a slice. So with stuff in the pantry and the fridge I made a delicious red velvet inspired black forest gateaux!!

The basic cake recipe can be found on a previous post (red velvet sponge cake).

As the rayburn was too small to fit 3 cake tins in at once, so I put double the amount in one tin. When the sponges had cooled, I sliced the larger sponge into two- thus giving me 3 sponges!


I grabbed a jar of morrello cherries and some cointreau from the pantry and a tub of double cream!


Then I began to layer up the cake….





Repeat this again, finishing with the best looking sponge on top.


Dust with icing sugar to finish.


My store cupboard ingredients may not be the healthiest, but they do taste fantastic!


It’s amazing what natural light and some white props do to a redy-pink chocolate cake!


Simple. Easy. Delicious.


Melissa xx

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19 thoughts on “Chocolate and cherries

  1. Hey Melissa, just accidentally stumbled on your blog. And ain’t I glad I did ☺I am drooling already. You just fancied a slice. What would you do with the rest of your yummy cake. Hold on till I drive over to your place 😋


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