Goa. . . More Than the Beaches

A beautiful post about a place very dear to my heart….


Portuguese Goa

As the students enjoyed  the promised two restful days on the beaches, David and I headed down to explore  the Portuguese footprint in India, mostly the churches. Now we have seen many churches all over Europe, and are not easily impressed. These  churches are  impressive, and this one the most spectacular.   The Portuguese are some of the most devout Catholic Christians  today and their churches constructed  hundreds of years ago, suggest, they have always been religious. Image  This is St Francis Xavier’s church of the  Bascillica  of Bom Jesus. It is one of the major Baroque churches in India and was completed  in 1602. The image is from Wikipedia.


The alter image is from Britannica.com. This church is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


This massive tree stands guard at the entrance. I could only  wonder if it had been there from the beginning….four hundred…

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