Dr Doolittle does brownies

I thought I’d share tonight’s dinner with you; well, not dinner exactly (we’re rebelling) we skipped it and headed straight for dessert. It was lovingly made by Dr Doolittle (for those of you who don’t know why I now call him Dr Doolittle in my blog…. He talks to the animals).


He made deliciously rich chocolate brownies with Dime bars (crunchy almondy caramel chocolate covered bars that have been rebranded as Daim) dark chocolate and marshmallows.


If I liked it, he said I could have it again next week for my birthday…..


He always said he couldn’t bake.


He lied! It was scrumptious….

Melissa xx

19 thoughts on “Dr Doolittle does brownies

  1. Desner….or is is Dinsert…??? …. is my favorite meal of the day! 😉
    Wow…these brownies definitely look the the perfect reason to skip the main course! Bravo to the doctor!


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