My name is Melissa & I’m a blogger

I had a light bulb moment last week. I’m a blogger! Does that sound daft considering I’ve been blogging for nearly a year?


I might not have thousands of followers (yet) but I do have hundreds of extremely loyal ones. I also work in a jungle with hundreds of people who all know me and know how much I love to bake! Word of mouth and trust speaks volumes……

Last week, on my birthday I was invited (as a blogger) to a Dr Oetker baking event in Dublin. I knew the brand already because my pantry has always had Dr Oetker products in. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the postman or courier to bring tasty toppings, I just pop to my local supermarket.


Lots of gorgeous new home baking products were on display to try out. For the first time cake toppings are as tasty as the cakes they are displayed on. I’ve never been a fan of gold or silver balls because I’ve never been a fan of cracking my teeth on hard sugar! These were different, with these ‘pearls’ you bite into delicious chocolate.


These are the cakes that I decorated myself that evening; on the left hand side I used cupcake vanilla icing with Eaton Mess and Sugar Hearts. On the right I used cupcake pink icing, cupcake white icing and Rainbow Popping Candy. For the bottom cake I used cupcake chocolate icing and Chocolate Gold Pearls.


This Madagascan Vanilla Grinder was the most exciting find of the night. This little jar holds chopped, dried vanilla pods in a pepper grinder. GENIUS! It means you can have a fresh vanilla flavour all the time without wasting the remainder of the pods (there are only so many canisters of sugar that I can put used vanilla pods in).


I’m looking forward to using the rest of my goodies at The Glen House.

Melissa xx

Remember you can find me on Twitter @the_glen_house


16 thoughts on “My name is Melissa & I’m a blogger

  1. I have to agree with you and Nancy that the vanilla grinder is a genious idea. I am going to look for them in Swedish stores. I am glad for my waist line that I live far away from Glen house, because I would be dropping by to buy those scrumptious cup cakes all the time. My mouth is drooling looking at the pictures of those cupcakes.


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