Crab apple and Elderberry jelly

There are crab apples growing in the Glen House garden. Last year I didn’t use them, I hadn’t a clue what to do with them. However this year, I begged the lovely people from Ballymaloe cookery school to share their crab apple jelly recipes with me. Twitter is great for that! image These small, sour ornamental fruit of the wild apple tree- crab apples are generally too tart to eat raw. They’re more commonly made into a sweet jelly to accompany roasted meats and game and are also used to make crab apple wine. image I adapted the recipe from Ballymaloeย  for the quantities of crab apples I had. I mixed in some normal apples form the garden alongside the beautiful little purpley elderberries. image As the recipe suggested, the crab apple skins were left on and they were placed in a large pot with water. image As the apples and berries broke down the colour changed to a warm pinky plum. image The contents of the pot were poured andย  pushed through a sieve. The juice was put back in the pot with a cinnamon stick wrapped in an orange peel and sugar was added. Very quickly the liquid thickend into a sticky jelly….. Ta-da!! image So, now I have homemade crab apple and elderberry jelly! I’m bringing these cute little jars to Angie’s for Fiesta Friday. image Melissa xx

51 thoughts on “Crab apple and Elderberry jelly

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  2. I’ve never had a crab apple before, but this looks amazing! I love all the pictures; they’re filled with color and life. Thank you for sharing, happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Love the labels too!! And I have a feeling that this jelly would go wonderfully with roast lamb or pork. Delicious. And, yes, isn’t Twitter wonderful for getting a quick responseโ€ฆHappy Fiesta Friday xx


  4. We went an stayed at ballymaloe.. Not great! Unfortunately they still owe us a few nights stay free of charge.. They even sent us signed copies of Rachel’s books… Needless to say we never gone back!


  5. What an exciting proposition – I’ve always wondered if crab apples could be used in cooking! Thanks for spreading the word and Happy Fiesta Friday!


  6. oh wonderful I have crab apples outside too, but a bigger variety not the crabby kind, beautiful inside and out and they make great cakes – I still have a recipe to post but I think I will use the ones outside stilll to make your jelly


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