Advent Calendar Day 2: Happy Birthday!


I was invited to a festive birthday celebration last night by The Cooks Academy who were celebrating their 10th anniversary. Over the last 10 years, hundreds of students have passed through their doors. Today they run courses on everything from slow cooking to Thai food.


Last night was a great fun, the room was full of foodies from the social media world. The wine and canapรฉs went down a treat while we mingled.


Conor from Social Media spoke about the interaction between foodies and social media. Twitter and Facebook have certainly changed my view on life and i’m incredibly passionate about my little blog. I’m also hopeful that it will help me break into the food industry.


During the evening there were various tasks that we were invited to do; I attempted the molecular gastronomy taste test…. I was terrible at it, but I did get one correct!


I didn’t think they’d get me cooking… Well, I didn’t actually cook… I assembled!


I made a hell of a mess preparing a Christmassy street food dish for the ‘Cook Shoot Tweet’ challenge, but it was great fun!


My creation was called ‘Bread basket Boxing Day Brunch’. I didn’t win the prize of a 4 week course, but I think I might need to do it any way after turning out that sort of dish!


Thank you to Vanessa, Tim and all the Cooks Academy team for a fantastic night and to Glenisk for the yummy goodie bag. I really hope that they celebrate their 11th birthday in the same way next year.

For all of you reading this I have a special discount code, so that you can pop along and enjoy a short course too! I attended the pastry course in October and loved it. I’ll certainly be back to do more courses in 2015.


The code can be used up to the 31st March 2015 to book a short course, even if the course occurs after 31st March 2015. A full list of courses can be found on their website. To avail of the 20% off offer, all you need to do is book online or telephone +353 1611 1666 using the special code glenhs824.

Melissa xx

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