Advent Calendar Day 3: Mince Pies


So it’s the 3rd December and day number 3 of my 24 day Advent calendar. I think it’s time for a little, easy cheat recipe…


I love mince pies and I have to admit it’s the only thing about Christmas goodies coming into the shops in October that I like. I love good quality shop bought mince pies with biscuity shortcrust pastry or flakey buttery puff pastry. I enjoy mincemeat that is sweet, fruity and a little spicy.

Last year I shared my recipe for Apple mincemeat, I had a couple of jars sealed and stashed away for this year.


I’m using shop bought puff pastry to show you just how easy mince pies are to make. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could make my pate sucree, a sweet shortcrust pastry. Or if you have a couple of hours to turn and roll out pastry, you could try my rough puff pastry.

If not, lay out your shop bought ready rolled puff pastry. Use a pastry cutter or ramakin dish to shape and cut a circle out of the pastry and use a smaller cutter or egg up to shape the top smaller piece of pastry.


Place the larger of the circles in the cake/cup cake tin. Spoon in a dollop of mincemeat in and then place the smaller pastry circle on top. Fork around the edges to seal the pies. Finally, poke a hole or small cut in the top to let the steam out.


You can freeze the mince pies at this stage in the the tin and then transfer into a freezer bag or tub.


I brushed my mince piese with beaten egg and sprinkled some caster sugar, before putting in at oven at gas mark 4 or 150 degrees. If your’s are frozen, drop the temperature a little and pop them straight in the oven.


Serve with a snowy sprinkle of icing sugar and a dollop of whipped cream or some custard. Time to pop the kettle on…


Melissa xx

11 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 3: Mince Pies

  1. Mince pies were one of my fav treats at this time of year too – your mincemeat looks so chunky and moist, but like Elaine, I’d do it sans alcohol! My mouth is watering with these Advent posts, but I can’t always add a comment for some reason and it seems to take forever for the ‘Like’ button to load up – my bad internet connection I assume. However, I will follow each day on Twitter. Sx

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