Advent Calendar Day 6: Irish Blog Hour


On Thursday I was named ‘blog of the week’ by the lovely people at Irish Blog Hour. Every Thursday evening at 8pm, Irish bloggers come together on Twitter to catch up and share their latest posts.


This is the interview I did with Doodle Moose Designs who host Irish Blog Hour…..

Our Blog of the week is the fabulous Irish food blog: The Glen House. We love this blog – and really enjoy reading all the tasty homely recipes that are regularly posted!

Here’s a little bit about Melissa, the brilliant Irish blogger behind The Glen House

Tell us a bit about your blog:
It was originally about my home The Glen House, however it has turned into a food blog! I LOVE baking and I love my pantry, so I try and share posts about my latest makes and bakes

Why do you blog?
I love the idea of using it like a journal and to be honest, when I first started writing, I didn’t expect anyone else to read it. I’m not a good writer- so there are spelling and grammar mistakes, but sorry, that’s who I am.

When did you start blogging?
October 2013

Any tried and tested tips for gaining followers/more traffic?
To be honest, stay true to yourself; if people like what they are reading then don’t change it! Don’t blog more often or blog about a different subject, and if you do try going off subject, then ask for feedback!

Do you have any favourite blogs?
Dimple over at has a wonderful vegetarian food blog full of creations from all over the world.

Mr Fitz makes me hungry! Over at you’ll find he blogs about his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What do you think makes a good blog?
The person- I think a good blog should make you as a reader think that you know the blogger. Content is important too, but even if you have rubbish photographs or a rubbish bake, being honest about the experience can draw readers in.

Do you have any current goals for your blog?
To become well known within foodie blogger circles in Ireland and to be shortlisted for the Food category in the Irish Blog Awards (I made the long list this year)!

Make sure to get yourself a cup of tea and head on over to check out the amazing Irish food blog Glen House  where you can find recipes for such delights as this vanilla sponge!

Melissa xx

19 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 6: Irish Blog Hour

  1. Congratulations! What a coincidence, I started blogging the same time that you did. I like your advice that one should stay true to oneself. I have wondered sometimes how to get more followers, but then it is also important not to forget the original purpose of blogging (each person may have their own goal).

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