Advent Calendar Day 9: 2014 Cookery Books


I decided to write a little piece on some of the cookery books that have found their way into The Glen House during 2014. So if you need a present for a foodie (or you want to treat yourself) you might like one of these.


Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

I’m a huge Rachel fan, so I was delighted to receive this as a present. It’s full of “indulgent puddings, comforting cakes… delicate pastries, fresh fruity compotes, delectable ice creams and much more”.


Jamie Oliver: Jamie’s Comfort Food

“This is about good mood food that will put a smile on your face”. It was Jamie’s celebration cake that inspired my Chocolate Crispie Cake. Celia from Fig jam and Lime cordial also made his amazing burger.


James Martin: Desserts


I love him! What can I say? He loves butter and cream and cake and this book is full of all of them! “Desserts is the ultimate book that will provide a sweet treat for every occasion”.


Darina Allen: Forgotten Skills of Cooking


“This timely book reveals the lost art of making creamy butter and yogurt, keeping a few hens in the garden, home-curing and smoking bacon, and even foraging for food in the wild”. It is absolutely amazing…


Yotam Ottolenghi: Plenty More

I bought this for Dr Doolittle’s birthday and it’s fantastic! “Vegetables have moved from the side dish to the main plate, grains re-dressed with colour and flair. It’s a revolution that is bold, vibrant and ever-expanding”. Selma wrote a piece about the book the for the blogger series ‘In My Kitchen’ in October.


My 'cook book of the year '

Sharon Hearne-Smith: No Bake Baking

This is my ‘book of the year’, it is truely brilliant. “Who says you need an oven to make delicious sweet treats?” With photography by Irish cook Donal Skehan, Sharon’s book is packed full of ideas that “turn baking on its head”; inventive tart cases, frozen bombes, cupcakes, biscuits and bars pack this beautiful book to the brim. Go buy it!


Michael Kelly: Grow Cook Eat

This book “is a no-nonsense guide to growing and cooking your own food throughout the year”. The Grow It Yourself movement is gaining momentum and Dr Doolittle and I are huge fans. I made Clodagh McKenna’s carrot cake from this delightful book and no doubt I’ll be sharing loads more ideas during 2015.


Izy Hossack: Top with Cinnamon

My parents bought me this and once I started reading it, I understood why. Izy is a food blogger, just like many of us and seems to have been through a similar journey. In this book “Izy shares her favourite sweet and savoury recipes, perfect for lazy weekends, speedy suppers and impromptu gatherings”. It’s wonderful!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas? Let me know what books you’ve acquired in 2014…

Melissa xx

10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 9: 2014 Cookery Books

  1. What beautiful books you’ve found this year! Gorgeous and also full of good stuff on the inside. My collection doesn’t have too many new books, but a favorite is momofuku milk bark. Love how it pushes the culinary envelopes. Also love my cocktail books.

    Am behind on your posts–hard to keep up with you this month 😉


  2. If you like Grow Cook Eat, check out my friend Jo’s facebook page Ourganic Gardens – she has been setting up community gardens all over Donegal and is just the most amazing ‘grow your own’ ambassador, ever!
    I just bought Mexico: The Cookbook by Margarita Carillo Arronte and it looks and feels amazing!

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  3. Don’t know where to start! First, thanks for the mention – I love Plenty More sooo much! You met JAMES MARTIN – I do have a bit of a crush on him!! Did you watch Jamie’s Comfort Food on the telly? The lobster mac and cheese looked to-die-for. I have Darina Allen’s Cookery School Book – can’t remember exactly what it is called – but I used to turn to it all the time – it is full of invaluable advice. Love the rest of your books – must look for Izzy’s Top with Cinnamon – Ive heard lots of good things about it. x

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