Advent Calendar Day 24: Christmas Cake part 2


I’ve finally finished my first ever iced Christmas cake!

It all started a last month when I made
the cake. Since then I’ve been topping it up with a drizzle of spicy rum every now and again.


On Monday I gathered some marzipan, icing and apricot jam…. I’ve never finished a Christmas cake before so it was my first time using marzipan.


I rolled it out in icing sugar until it was large enough to cover the cake.


I covered the cake in apricot jam.


I placed the marzipan on top and smoothed it out, cutting away the extra.


I left it to settle for a day and then placed the ready rolled icing on top, smoothing it out with this funky tool.


Finally, I studded a star shape in gold balls on the top and wrapped a gold ribbon around the edge.


Simple, but stylish.


So that’s it! My 24 day Advent Calendar is complete. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas or indeed a Happy Holiday!

Melissa xx

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