Catex Exhibition 2015

I had an amazing afternoon yesterday all thanks to Carmel Corrigan from and owner of Copper and Spices Indian restaurant.


She allowed me tag along to an industry event that she was attending. Catex 2015 sponsored by Calor and Bunzil was held at Dublin’s RDS.  This year, Ireland’s biggest food service event also marks the 50th anniversary of the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance.


Everyone and anyone to do with the industry was under one roof; health and safety, till solutions, fridge rentals, furniture, as well as cocktail mixes, wines and every food product you might ever need!


It was mind blowing! All these people help make your restaurant, cafe, bar and fast food experiences possible.

Alongside all the movers and shakers and deals being done, was mountains of quality food and drink to be tried! I couldn’t get over the variety of wonderful food on display, every sort you could think of.


Assortments of Breads and fresh Irish fruits and vegetables.


Amazing fancy icecreams!


I also met some great people from the food industry as I munched my way around the RDS…


Ireland’s chefs showcased their skills at the Chef Ireland competitions.


I also came away with some stunning organic tea thanks to Hancock & Abberton (the golden mango was delicious).


An unforgetable, educational day thanks to Copper and Spices!

Melissa xx

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