Bread and no Butter Pudding

I was tidying up the pantry (as you do) and realised that we had a panettone left over from Christmas that was about to go out of date… So instead of simply slicing and eating it, I decided to make a yummy bread and butter pudding. However I soon realised that I wouldn’t need the butter and pulled a handful of last season’s blackberries out of the freezer instead!



1 panettone, sliced
120g blackberries
2 eggs
400ml milk
200ml double cream
Sprinkling of caster sugar



Slice the panettone and place a couple of slices on the base of an oven proof dish.


1st layer

Sprinkle over some blackberries and repeat until all the panettone and berries are gone.


Custard mix

Place the cream, milk and eggs in a bowl and whisk together, then pour over the pannettone and leave to set for 30 minutes.



Sprinkle some sugar on top and pop the dish into an oven at 18 degrees for 35-40 minutes.


Crispy top

Serve with some softly whipped cream.



You could make the same pudding using slices of brioche and some dried fruits.

Happy Fiesta Friday! I’m heading over to Angie’s with this lot.

Melissa xx

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