What would you feed me…Melissa?

Here’s my post for good friend Elaine… And the journey I took along the way.


This week’s post is truly inspirational, and may well come at a perfect time for some of you if you’ve overindulged over Easter…

When I invited Melissa from The Glen House to take part in my guest post series I knew that it may well be a challenge for her to fulfil the guidelines of bringing a vegetarian, sugar free, gluten free, healthy dish, but she jumped at the chance of being involved, which made me very happy! Lovely, friendly, vivacious, Melissa makes amazing cakes, she loves baking, and eats very differently from me, but her post captures the essence of the series completely, I hope you enjoy it..

So, Melissa, what would you feed me?

Elaine asked me write a post that was gluten free and sugar free. Me? Me that uses copious amounts of sugar, chocolate, butter and flour in her posts and in her every day life?…

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5 thoughts on “What would you feed me…Melissa?

  1. What a great story Melissa. Glad to hear it was a positive experience for you! 🙂 We did a very similar thing for 30 days. Cut out dairy, gluten, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. What a transformation. It really helped to bring awareness of the amount of these things we were ingesting. Now we are eating WAY less of these things and feel so much better.


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