Dawn Chorus at Newgrange Gold

I woke up at stupid o’clock 3am on Sunday morning to head to Newgrange Gold’s farm in the Boyne Valley. They had teamed up again with Birdwatch Ireland to bring us the dawn chorus… My reward for doing all this was going to be a locally produced Boyne Valley Food artisan breakfast!


Participants met at Crewbane just outside Slane for a guided walk by expert, Franck Ar Moenner of Birdwatch Ireland Meath.  Frank was an incredibly passionate French guy who could spend every minute of the day talking about birds.


At first we heard wrens, robins, blackbirds,  and as the morning went on we heard all sorts of other birds. We wondered on down from the farm towards the river to explore further.


Photo by Boyne Valley Food

I can’t say I could tell you which bird was which, but I could hear a difference. Between churping and tweeting and tra-la-la-las, it was beautiful. I didn’t quite understand the three phrases of song that Franck talked about, but he said they were just improvising! It was fascinating and a great experience.


It was such a beautiful, fresh morning and I was thrilled that it hadn’t rained but after all the walking I was ready for breakfast!


Jack and Daryl from New Grange Gold met us back at the house with a fantastic spread.


There was Boyne Valley Blue cheese,  Sheridans crackers and Big Red Kitchen onion chutney.


There was Bakelicious brown bread, The Whole Hoggs sausages and white pudding and Big Red Kitchen chutney. The biggest suprise was the porridge. It was lovely and warming at 6.30am! Thanks to Daryl at Newgrange Gold for the recipe below…


Newgrange Gold Camelina Porridge:

1 cup Dunany Farm Spelt Berries
1 cup Kilbeggan Porridge Oats
4 cups of Goats Milk (or cows milk) – we used Michael Finnegan’s milk
2 Tbsp Camelina Oil
1/2 cup of Apple Juice – we used Mark
Jenkinson’s from Cockagee Cider
1 tbsp Honey-we used our own honey
Pinch of salt

To serve:
Drizzle some Camelina, Honey and Big Red Kitchen’s Raspberry and Vanilla jam over your hot porridge and Enjoy.

Method :
Soak the spelt berries in cold water over night. In the morning, drain the spelt berries and boil them for 45 mins. Add all your ingredients including the spelt berries into a pot and simmer
for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. And Serve!


Check out Boyne Valley Food Series for more events.

Melissa xx

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