I am better at cooking Trout than I am at catching them!

I was sitting in Cardiff airport last night (waiting and waiting for smallest plane in the world to take me home) reading a copy of Good Food magazine, drinking a cuppa…

There was a fantastic recipe for ‘Simple herb baked trout’ in it which looked as yummy as my fish dish last week. I completely agree with Barney Desmazery’s article that trout is “a joy to cook with… it is versatile… with a delicate flavour…” You can use it with a splash of lemon, or with more intense flavours of chilli and ginger. It’s inexpensive to buy too.

This all brings me to the excitement of tomorrow! With a new rod in hand, i’ll be wrapped up all warm and cosy out on a practice pond, scaring the life out of the little fish. I need to get a lesson under my belt before the start of the trout fly fishing season because I’m not very good, but I enjoy it! I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of years, especially when the weather has been good. I can’t wait to start fishing on the river in front of The Glen House!


a little trout last year!

Anyway, after dreaming of fishing whilst on the plane, it was nice to get home….


Melissa xx