Halloween Salad

Today is yet another bank holiday in Ireland, but I’m off to work so i’ll make this quick! I made this simple autumnal salad at the weekend to go with chicken and a cheese board. The sharp onion is perfectly matched by the bursts of sweetness from the pomegranate.


My sort of cheese board

Ingredients :
1 medium onion
Handful of red cabbage
1 pomegranate


Slice the onion and cabbage as thin as you possibly can and then as small as the pomegranate seeds. It’s no easy task, so aim for a rustic look! Cut the pomegranate in half, then take a wooden spoon and bash the top of the pomegranate over a bowl. Hey, if it works for Jamie Oliver, then it will work for you. There needs to be fairly even amounts of the three ingredients to give balance.


Combine the three ingredients in a bowl and leave it to settle. The juice of the pomegranate seeds will seep out, softening the blow of the raw onion. Taste it. You might want to add a little salt or a splash of olive oil, or squeeze of lime. I didn’t, but you can. Then that’s it, eat away.


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Happy Monday!

Melissa xx

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